Wild Animal Nursery



It should be full of imagination…

I wanted my son’s nursery to be modern, clean, colorful and smart while still offering just the right space to be creative and let his imagination run wild. I chose neutral for all my large ticket items and then had a lot of fun and personality come out to play in all the details. From our yellow ceiling to our blue bureau, the room is both fun, boyish and worldly. He smiles whenever he is in his room which makes me feel great!

Take a Seat

We went with a simple and inexpensive Poang Chair. It is very comfortable, fits our space and offers a really nice bounce, which our son loves. the colors and minimal style were exactly what we had in mind. The chair blends in just enough and stands out just enough. The other nice thing about this chair is that it can easily be moved to any other room or space in the house. We are able to move it around if we need extra seating in a different room. Very handy. The price point is super on these chairs which only add to its already appealing qualities.  Throw a simple blanket and fun globe pillow on this chair to add a bit of spice! 

Neutral Rug

I chose this rug for his space. It is comfy and the non-harsh geometric design  is fun and can easily blend into their surroundings.  This rug lends the perfect amount of modern design to his room. This rug can easily last through multiple design changes. Its shagginess is very comfortable and it makes for a great space to practice sitting and walking on. 


Unique Wall Decor

Make it fun! We went with a large marquee letter that lights up. It’s a great way for him to learn letters as well as a fun light that adds a little something to a darkish corner. Marquee lights make for wonderful wall art, so unique and they come in so many styles and price points. I really like this Marquee Cactus, had I seen this before I would have bought it, so fun!

Smart Storage

I tried to find wall storage that would be both unique and functional. It was very important that I did not just let my eyes choose for me. I took time to look at different options and pick what would be the best style and use for the space. I went with a few wire wall baskets in red. Not only do they really pop but they will work great for many items over the years. You really can’t go wrong with this kind of wall storage. Could easily be moved around from room to room as his style and needs change. This Storage Stacker is great because you can also get a cushion for the top and have a nice little reading bench.


Extra Seating – Pouf

I wanted to get a cozy piece in the room. Something that could not only be extra seating but also act as the ottoman to our Poang or a nice spot for our son to lean on. I went with this navy pouf and I love it! It’s a nice item that is very low on the danger scale, which is great! 51grux8pdol


Don’t forget the textiles. Often overlooked and almost always understated. Since I had gone somewhat neutral I knew I would give myself a lot of room to have so much fun choosing textiles for his space. Since I mostly had a worldly theme I tried to choose ethnic textiles from around the globe. We have a cool Panama fabric art piece, Mexican Blankets turned into curtains, sarape table runner on the diaper table, etc. Let your personality really shine in your textile choices – or better yet – try to determine what style you think your child might have and choose accordingly. 


Light it Up!

I wanted some extra lighting that was both fun and festive. I bought and hung a few paper star lights with pendants in various colors. They add such a unique touch. Love the soft lighting they provide and the fun colors that emanate from them really attracts our son’s attention. We have a mix of red, blue and yellow styles.


Pick Good Details

There is really no need to buy standard baby room stuff that you can get at any store. Use a cool African basket to store diapers, wipes, clothes, toys. Anything! We have a few in various shapes and sizes spread out throughout the room. One large one holds diapers and wipes while another holds his dirty clothes and another holds random knick knacks. Their colors are so bold and festive and you can pretty much find these woven beauties in every color scheme possible. Prices can be incredibly reasonable too!