6 Fun Must-Have Products and Gift ideas

It’s rainy and cold today and feels like the only thing that wants to come out and play is my wallet!!! Uh-oh… so sorry (not sorry) bank account.  These fun products made me chuckle, I adore – and want – them all! The yoga mat might as well say Bridgette all over it, because it is perfect for me! When I pour the wine I admit that I like my glasses to tell me how great I am, nothing says “keep on drinking” like Hello Gorgeous! Which item is jumping out to you?

Shopping List

  1. Time to pick up your favorite beverage and fill these wonderful and truthful glasses to the brim, can be bought here.
  2. Best yoga mat ever! I mean, pizza! You can buy this mat here.
  3. I guess this is better for Monday, but still a fun weekend tee, buy it here.
  4. Does anything really say “relax” better than a hammock? And this one is just perfect. I’m definitely going to have to grab this beauty, check it out here.
  5. I love this shirt, although I have to admit that I will happily eat waffles any day of the week, maybe just more of them on the weekends! 🙂 Buy this fun tunic here.
  6. Coloring may be a popular fad now and so it should be. It’s really nice to just sit down grab some pencils and color, such a relaxing activity for the weekends. I really want to get this, hoping my husband gets it for my birthday! You can find it here.

    From top to bottom, left to right…