Fun Pinterest Projects

We are lucky enough to have had some awesome opportunities working with some well-known brands via Pinterest. A few years ago when I was invited to sign up for Pinterest I had no idea just how much it would change my life. I know it sounds crazy! Back before being an online influencer was a job, before everyone started using Pinterest, it was just this super cool site I would use to store my favorite websites, recipes and pretty pictures. For any lover of visual delights it was the place to be. 5 years ago the world of Pinterest was slowly emerging onto the scene and we simply got lucky. Right place at the right time! Today, we have grown our following to over 1.5 million people. Loyal and wonderful followers and friends. My job at Earmark Social Goods has become so much more. We’ve added social promotion and creation to our job titles. We’ve become product stylists and photographers. We’ve created stop-motion videos for Ritz Crackers. Our 1.5 year old son has been a model for Baby Disney, twice now! You never know where the day will bring you. That is my motto and it is beyond true.

It’s not always sunshine and roses, but when it’s good, it’s great! It is a lot of work to keep your online presence up and running. I spend hours online finding good Pinterest content, or creating it. The amount of time we research demographics and pinning times would probably shock most people. Pinterest has infused its way into my very existence, it is a part of me now. 🙂

Below is a small sampling of some of the boards that we have created over the years. We invite you to check them out and follow us on Pinterest, we are always looking for fresh pins and friends!

EASTER POP-UP PARTY | Client: Aladdin

This board we worked on with Aladdin. We had to create an Easter-themed board with DIY ideas, pictures and Aladdin products.


This was one of my favorites. As a travel-nut, I was beyond excited to work with AirBNB creating such a cool travel-infused board.

CRUISING WITH PAUL GAUGUIN | Client: Paul Gauguin Cruises

I’m not gonna lie, I really wanted this campaign to be handled in trade instead of money. During this campaign I had some serious island wanderlust. Have you been to the South Pacific? Me either. But now I have to. 🙂

MILK MAKES A BETTER BRUNCH | Client: California Milk

Creating a board inspired by brunch is seriously fun. We also were asked to create 2 original recipes, create the dishes, style them and photograph them. We made a Quiche and a German Pancake that turned out delicious.


OK, so this one has a special place in my heart because they asked us if we could photograph our son for a series of images to use. Being a huge Disney fan, this was such a personal life goal that I grinned ear-to-ear for days to come.


I really enjoyed this project. I love any activity that involves planting flowers and getting my hands dirty. This board is full of home inspiration, gardening tips and ideas as well as Miracle Gro product photos.

A SPICE OF LIFE | Dreamworks, The Hundred Foot Journey

This board will leave you hungry for more! Delicious food, fun food DIY projects mixed with visual imagery from the film made for a unique and lovely custom board created for Dreamworks.

A TASTE OF LOVE | Client: Burnt

We created this board for the movie Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper. We created a moody food meets love board for this unique campaign.