We’re no longer tiling virgins!


That’s right folks, this past weekend my husband and I decided to do a little tiling, test the waters, before we embark on a flooring project. I am extremely happy to report that it went swimmingly. We ran into a couple of small mishaps but for once, we were able to work through them and finish the countertop to our little coffee nook. I know it’s not a major home renovation but it was a first for us and now we feel very ready to conquer other tiling projects!

This entire project was roughly $50 including the tiles, cheap-o tile cutter, squeegee, float, adhesive and glue. We had trim lying around that we were able to use for the trim. Overall this was a very simple project that ANYONE could do. I keep looking around my home thinking, “Hey, I could tile that!” ha ha. I might end up living in a wildly tiled home! 🙂

I could not be happier with the end look. Our coffee cups from around the globe hang brilliantly in our kitchen now and coffee time feels even more amazing than it did before!

I got the shelf that the cups are hanging on from the Hobby Lobby, but it is currently sold out. Amazon has one that is very similar and can be found here. The tiles were from Amazon and were $25 for a box of 10 (looks like the prices have gone up on Amazon and Home Depot). Tile cutter can be found here. Other supplies came from Home Depot.

Update: We used a white grout and if I was re-doing the space I would use a darker grout. It’s hard to keep the white clean when it is constantly having coffee spilled onto it!

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  1. Wow, you’re naturals!! Looks like done by pros! 🙂 BTW, kooky side note: I thought at first ’tiling’ was something that one might do to virgins, such as “We’re no longer stoning infidels!” or “We’re no longer burning witches!” 😉

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